Popular: (arab).: women or daughters mean of partridges generally. Finding somebody in the dream a tame partridge or he holds one in his house, he will win a sensible woman nice after his taste. Catching or he gets of somebody a wild partridge, he will take a woman who is pretty though, but cantankerous and antisocial. Owning one a partridge and it perishes, he will be divorced from his wife. Eating of a partridge meat, he will get as a gift of a woman precious clothes. Dreaming a woman, them finds a partridge, she will bear a daughter, if she goes pregnant if not, conceive and bear. Dreaming of the emperors, he hunts partridges, he will hang his heart on his spouse and his concubines. Seeming it him, he eats partridge meat, he will be present at a popular woman. see: you build castles in the air, - also: glad message is to be expected, many see: False luck, see a dream aufflattern: a warning before unvirgin women, fly: your luck is not to be held, catch: one will been deceptive by somebody from the surroundings, shoot: one deceives you, - also: Profit and success have, eat: Impoverishment, - you ask too much from the life, is contented, (European ones).: see one: Warning of jealousy, - many small difficulties, - one is to be given a lot and should take centre stage quietly once, so that one can recognise the qualities and abilities and appreciate, see: one has good views of financial profits, see for men, a dream aufflattern: though the ladies in the surroundings want to entice to one, but, besides, look after only superficial intentions, see flying: future enterprises stand under a good star, catch: one may hope for the favour of the destiny, - one is deceived by a person in the surroundings, shoot: the jealousy will give a hard time more different to one, kill: is valid as a portent for success, however, one will have to deliver a large part of the property, eat: one will give to another reason for the jealousy, - symbolises the pleasure of deserving honour.