Popular: (arab).: see: loyal love, plant: you will have a happy home, completely grapes: it would be to be wisely even more diligently behind a thing, because the instantaneous trouble will introduce rich wage, empties shoots: big obstacles will position themselves in the way, cut: you have luck and order in the house and in the family. (European ones).: shoot stands in general for luck and success, - also: you have loyal love, plant shoot: asks to found his luck by own strain, see without grapes: one will preach in a thing to deaf ears, - it are put to a big obstacle in the way, greens shoot: symbolises success, shoot with grapes: announces success for which one must exert himself, however, very much, hardly completely grapes hanging shoots: tell since time immemorial here of the luck at own home, bald shoot: stands for failures and skew boom gene, cut: if luck promises in own family or flat. (ind).: see: you will reach to the aim, plant: you will found your luck, cut: Luck in the family life. (See also grape, wine)