Psychologically: An Ouvertüre points to the beginning of something new. Popular: (European ones).: hear and take pleasure in it: means that our wishes and hopes will come true, - rise and success announces in the life. (ind).: your hopes are fulfilled. Ocean Association: - Feeling of the width and the boundlessness, - Sometimes overpowering emotions, - empire in frothing over life. Question: - Which part of me stands with a such width in connection? medicine wheel: Huichol apprenticeship: Love is called white caps on the waves, creation, - on the water go meant, a little bit anew create. Popular: (arab).: see: you have longing for a friend, - (41, - 43) drive on: very much a voyage make in foreign countries. (European ones).: more quietly: if means peace, - the yachtsman will have a pleasant and gainful trip, - the businessman will enjoy a time of the profit, - a young man will take pleasure in the charm of his lovers, more stormily: Grief, sail on it if he is smooth: Success in the enterprises, - is always promising, are far outdoors on this themselves: if a disaster promises in the commercial life, with an ocean liner on one be on the move: if a voyage announces, or one longs for more width and freeing, on the shore is and the foaming waves of the ocean see: one will only scarcely escape from an injury and the plans of the enemies, the ocean is so level that one can wade in it or see on the reason, this property and joys promises together with grief and drudgery. (ind).: see: one will leave you. (See also sea)