Psychologically: Symbolic shape for a 'second-rate authority'. An uncle appearing in the dream symbolises generally the need of the dreaming for a respect person or for a father-figure. He is afraid not to be able to master his life only and needs constantly the advice of other people to make decisions. If one meets in the dream a 'unknown' uncle, one should take in eight, from strangers does not entice and to be deceived. Popular: (arab).: see or speak: are involved in family disputes, - also: you expect a high amount of money, however, must still be patient. (European ones).: nuisance by curious people, see: tells discussions in the family in, - also: soon sad news agrees, see spiritually broken and repeats this dream have: there are these problems in the relations, so that it comes at least temporarily to the estrangement, misunderstandings appear: the informal relations are joyless and also illness is constant in the play, see dead: indicates at bad opponents, (ind).: see: you are pressed by people. (See also uncle)