Psychologically: Earring in the dream draws the attention to the ears. Does one have in the awake life an open ear for what one wants to say one? Popular: (arab).: Seeming it of a woman, her husband has given her recently earring, she will give to a daughter the life if she goes pregnant if not, conceive and bear a daughter, - she is single, she will acquire for her pleasure a maiden. If she dreams, her earring is broken into pieces, her daughter or her close maiden will fall ill, - the earring has got lost or stolen, she will suffer because of her daughter or her maiden misery. receive or get as a gift: one asks for your love and friendship, find: Luck and profit, - also: you get very happy news, lose: you will have frustration, - also: financial matters will not develop in such a way as one has expected it, are infectious: you expect one dear hour, carry: you will find out secrets, - pleasing hours approach, shop: your vanity brings you frustration, - also: you spend money on pointless things, decrease: your hopes will not come true, break: Betrayal. (European ones).: see: if brings the acquaintance with a woman, - also: are herald of good news and interesting duties in the future, very precious ones: Financial matters run successfully and remaining prosperity will appear, shop: warns about vanity,