In general: Obdach expresses that one longs for protection, for help and security. If one finds it, these needs are fulfilled, one remains homeless, stamps in the opposite. Psychologically: Who searches an Obdach in the dream, a pause for reflexion must insert in the awake life probably sometimes. Popular: (arab).: look: if registers help of the people who stand by one in a disagreeable situation visit: in embarrassment get, - one may not despair of certain difficulties, but trust in himself and good friends, - can look in a pleasant future, find: you will get a new flat, lose: you have marriage disputes and dear disputes, - also: Annoyance in the next time, give: a warning before the coming danger, (European ones).: a nightmare which indicates that one creates alone the endeavours for a necessity of life not, Obdach look: people will soon stand by one in a disagreeable situation, look and find: admonished to diligence and thrift particularly in the next time, - one will have to begin a new life, lose: in a thing one should not sink the courage, because already everything will become good, - one will feel delivered in the next time defenceless and helpless to the life. (ind).: of nobody have: a lot of incommodities with the people, have: do not go up too high the life leaders, find: glad future, lose: Annoyance.