medicine wheel: Key words: Bushy, - wildly, - the earth curative, - smoke, - emission of negative, - transforming, - deeply cleaning, - strongly, - roots, - Shawnodese, southern guardian of the mind. Description: The North American sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) is associated with the south and with Shawnodese, the southern guardian of the mind. Like the herb sagebrush there is related this plant a member of the type Artemisia and not with the sage (Salvia officinalis), is often mistaken for the North American sagebrush which belongs, nevertheless, to the type Saluia. North American sagebrush grows as Bush, wildly in dry climate and in wild areas. There he helps the earth, while he holds on a little humidity in the ground. North American sagebrush counts beside Marien's grass to those substances, the Sun Bear for the Smudging has recommended. It means that he has the ability to allow the transformation of Negativit├Ąt to the person. General meaning: The wish, negative images to let go habits or patterns of thought - limitations surrender. Association: - Transcendent meaning: North American sagebrush in the dream often protects against negative energy or minds who could not be conducive to your development.