Psychologically: Delivery can express the wish for a child. In the figurative sense she stands for a change of the personality and the life which is at hand only just. With woman and man she circumscribes grasping the new ideas which can be realised shortly. Popular: (arab).: rich blessing in the family, - happy event in the family. (European ones).: the dream which registers that one will achieve his aim, indicates at joy and luck with all activities and activity, - birth of a nice child, experience own happy one: one will happily achieve a put aim, experience an unhappy one: a nice lost-believed thing becomes, even if under difficulties, lead to a good end, of a happy foreign one are present: points to success in the circle of friends or circle of acquaintances from which one himself has use, foreign with unhappy exit are present: Success is missing, of a single woman promises it unblessed descent of Ehrbarkeit to poverty and degradation. (See also exemption, birth)