Association: - Join, - repair. Question: - What would like I to create or restore? In general: Dressmaking registers that one has longing for long-lasting interpersonal relations. Psychologically: A work which one must do with a lot of patience and exactness to create something portable. If one sews on in the dream a patch, something remains in the awake life only the botch-up which can tear easily again. Popular: (arab).: see or sew: you will lead your works quickly to an end, - also: one will be able to be contented shortly with his household, because one has brought it with a lot of perseverance to a certain prosperity, clothes, anew: you will have to perform heavy work, a broken garment: one will already find again lost believed, laundry: Engagement and wedding, child things: Child blessing, , besides, prick themselves bloody: big luck and hot love, - marriage. (European ones).: see: warns about Klatschereien, even: the prosperity of your house grows by a lot of perseverance, besides, prick themselves or injure, so that one sees gushing forth the drops of blood: if a bride brings in the house, and cannot finish: a new lover, for married: Quarrel, new clothes sew: Peace will crown in the domestic surroundings the wishes, Dreaming a young woman that she has finished a garment will decide them soon for a husband. (ind).: you is released from wrong suspicion, and do not finish this: a lover waits for you, besides, and themselves injure: an uninvited guest will announce himself. (See also thread, thread, needle, stopper)