In general: Night watchman indicates insecurity during a conflict, - besides, often it concerns the informal problems for which one finds no solution. Psychologically: Postguard embodies groping about in get dark. If one sees himself as a night watchman, one is unsafe, has not recognised what threatens, for example, the family or the business. If another in the dream is, however, the night watchman, a glimmer of hope arises for a problem or an unclear thing in the awake life, because the night watchman carries a lantern which illuminates the way for a few steps. Popular: (arab).: see or hit: is on the alert that to you no misfortune attacks, - also: pay attention more to your having and property, and above all, verborge nothing, hear: your worry is unnecessary. (European ones.): Quarrel in the married life or fright in the life, - insecurity in the behaviour, - see one or with one operate: an internal or external danger, - also threatens the domestic peace: one should pay attention more to his possession, because if one lends something, one will not retrieve it any more, be: one will get quarrel in the house. (ind.): hear shouting: you have disloyal domestics, - with him speak: one wants to rob you. (See also lamp, lantern, night)