In general: In the dream tells to give way that one has recognised the futility of a discussion. To the understanding of the dream one must deal with similar situations in the real life closer. Psychologically: Compliance is one of the rather female attributes and stands for the need, to let go and 'to let do'. Spiritually: At the spiritual level drawback is to be understood in the dream as a tip that just often Let go the desired breakthrough brings. Popular: (arab).: you should do the thing not on the point. (European ones).: give way to the wishes more different: one will let by his decisive weakness a wonderful opportunity pass by which one could better have positioned himself, - also: a warning of pride, - does not fall for flatterer, other give way to one: it are put away for a special privilege and one will be better put than the partner, are badly recompensed for the efforts: it expect to a worry and fears.