Popular: (arab).: indicates at the beginning of a small trip, go in it: do not build too firmly on your luck, see sinking: Deception in all things, set with it: doubtful views and misfortune everywhere. (European ones).: the life ship glides - according to the situation in the water - quietly or stormily, hence, see quietly dahingleiten: a nice and quiet time approaches, go in one in quiet and clear weather: indicates on a nice, but unsafe luck, go in one about stormy or dirty water: inferior or not safe pleasures approach, with one tip over and in the water fall: menacing evil, in particular misfortune in the love. (ind).: see an old, black one (like the dead person's rowing boat): the illness which has struck your father will bring him the death, clarify see swimming: a new love affair, lures you go in it: fluctuating loyalty, see setting: Loss of a started love affair. (See also boat)