In general: A cap has the same meaning like a hat in the dream, - she draws the attention of the dreaming to prestige or spiritual forces. If he carries in his dream a cap, it should possibly cover his creative talents. Psychologically: A cap shows the need of the dreaming for respect of his faith, his wisdom and his knowledge. If a cap is put on to one this can be as a warning before the spiritual influencing for which one should 'watch out'. Spiritually: A cap symbolises nobility and freedom. Popular: (arab).: see or carry: your appearance will excite no displeasure, on the head: happy trip, in the hand: you must go ask for help, throw in the air: you get very good news, stain: Money comes to the house. (European ones).: A friendship stands on the spring. If one does something for them, she will be preserved to one. (ind).: old ones: you will come after long privation to respect and great success, new ones: Failures in all your shops, you will get your opinion validity. (See also helmet, care, head)