Association: - established order. Question: - Which religious principles do I take under the magnifying glass? Psychologically: Many inspirations go for the dreaming by the head. The soul should absolutely remember one of it! mottled patterns remind of animal coats and express a worried mood. The spotted with pattern seems in the dream mostly with clothes and disengages there joy of living and joy. cross-striped (horizontal) patterns point to rest, harmony and balance. Längsgestreifte (vertical) patterns point to the tension of heights and depths. checked patterns express mostly internal restlessness and decisive difficulty. Popular: (European ones).: accept a goods pattern: if impetus signals in business things, a representative loses on the way his patterns: he will come to business matters in distress or get by dear affairs in difficulties, looking If a woman her sent pattern, she will have opportunity to enjoy herself in different kinds. (See also colours, geometrical figures)