In general: Daybreak expresses hopes and gradual knowledge from which new life possibilities and perspectives develop for the dreaming. Morning-red daybreak is interpreted as also as a hope sign. The dreaming is in search of a kind to handle with old situations. Psychologically: The dreaming is aware of the stream of the time and should mark this maybe in any manner or celebrate. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the daybreak stands in the dream for a big feeling of hope. Popular: (arab).: you will experience some storm, are soon confronted with absolutely new life situations which turns out usually positive, - people in mental need can hope with this vision for redemption of long sufferings. (European ones).: one should not sink his hopes for reaching of an aim, see: all personal matters will soon clearly improve, - who suffers for a long time, may hope for a psychic redemption or big relief, afterglow: if always means the announcement of special events, (ind).: see: a happy fate idiom approaches you. (See also Red, the sun)