Association: - Loss of organisation or control. Question: - Where in my life I am ready to become man about my conflicting wishes? Psychologically: The dreams in which one is pressed by an amount or a mob Can be extremely fear-exciting, and of it can release only if it succeeds, to itself herauszukämpfen. Almost always such a thing expels to the problems which 'surround' to one in the awake life - the tightly packed the amount, the serious the problems. Positively is such a dream if one succeeds in bringing the amount under own control. If one was afraid, however to become a down trampled, this is a symbol for the fact that one needs a lot of help, e.g. if one works very hard to keep a position and to hold together the family, or personal problems depressions or confusion have caused. Popular: (arab).: Your situation is difficult, however, you will create it. (European ones).: one needs foresight and circumspection to avoid the coming difficulties.