(evergreen shrub, parasite with green sheets who lives surface in wooden plants.) In general: According to conventional dream interpretation the sprig of mistletoe stands for a time of the celebrations, the love and the friendship. Especially often this dream symbol seems to be in the yule tide. Psychologically: The sprig of mistletoe symbolises 'magic healing power' and 'salutary love'. As a parasite the mistletoe robs of the strength her landlord, nevertheless, develops even useful qualities. Hence, she is able to do the relations verbildlichen in which a partner is dependent on the other. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the mistletoe in the dream shows the essence in the life. It is a divine remedial substance. Popular: (European ones).: announce luck and big joys, - for young people it is an omen for pleasant pastime, - in connection with less promising signs, kicks at place of joy disappointment. (See also flowers)