Psychologically: Who sees himself in the dream as a freak, dwells on in the awake life probably to a crooked thought which can mislead him. The envy from the picture of the freak often also speaks that other better stand there than we ourselves. Popular: (arab).: see: you cannot prevent the insidiousness of an enemy, - big hopes remain unfulfilled, - one is disappointed by a being close person painfully, the trust is abused, - defamation is in the circulation. (European ones).: the neurotic dream which testifies an injurious fear of life from obsessions, - disappointments of all kind, all the less, the more solidly one becomes, - all the more, the more excessive one lives, see: if the disappointment of big hope announces, because a being close person is disappointing painfully, maybe he also abuses the trust, give birth: an expected disappointment will not enter. (ind).: see: confide in your destiny. (See also 'cripples')