medicine wheel: Key words: Reassuringly, - pleasantly, - helpfully, - tasty. Description: There are numerous kinds of mint. The best known ones are a green mint and peppermint, winter-hard plant with small violet blossoms. Mint delivers a herb tea which tastes to many people and is safe for children. He contributes to the relaxation and cleans, strengthens and stimulates the whole body system. General meaning: A pleasant, friendly part of the nature, - an aspect of itself to which it gives pleasure to help others - a part of your being which either are calmed or others would like to calm. Association: Refreshing smell, coin - the coin or the place at which coins are stamped. Transcendent meaning: The gift of an unspectacular object which, nevertheless, rescues values which you recognise not right away, - gift of health. Popular: (European ones).: wealth and luck. (See also wreath)