Association: - Work on the sympathy or the Fürsorglichkeit. Question: - Where in my life I am ready to show more understanding? Psychologically: In this dream your setting to influence and power is reflected. If you experienced yourselves in minister's position, place the biggest value of freedom of choice and self-determination. They also bear with pleasure responsibility - indeed, you incline now and then also to the selfoverestimation and 'selfexploitation' - that is one 16-hours working day are for you no imposition, but a 'dear habit'. A typical workaholic's dream. If you dream, in a minor part with a minister preparatory works, it stands not especially good your self-confidence. They fear and admire people, 'have created', so much that you submit without being asked and invest your ambition always only in the success more different. Popular: (arab).: see: high Gönner protect you, be: you are envied by many, - also: one is put before important decisions for which one wants to take over no responsibility. One will do well to consult others. (European ones).: see or with him operate: if means the fulfilment of a wish, be: it will be demanded to one a decision for which one does not take over with pleasure the responsibility, - a wish will not be fulfilled. (ind).: see: you can count on unexpected honour.