In general: In the dream the microscope refers to the fact that the dreaming exactly must look at the details of a matter. Maybe he should take more time for the inside show if he wants to achieve a personal aim. Microscope draws the attention after old dream interpretation to deception and deception. In general it can indicate sensitivity and empathy. Psychologically: In the dream it is possible to look at details much more exactly than in the awake state. Though the mind may be absolutely creative, but sometimes he must think about a problem also academically and logically. The microscope as a dream symbol lifts this in the consciousness of the dreaming. If recognising of the little things which could become very important circumscribes. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the microscope stands in the dream for inside show. Popular: (arab).: see through: You will not discover the concealed, see: Little things will annoy you, - also: do not overlook the little things which can lead to the great success. (European ones).: says that one owns means to control others and to win for himself or new arrival to the family, - also: if the failing of business activities or smaller profits forecasts. (ind).: one wants to cheat you. (See also magnifying glass)