In general: If the dreaming sees himself in his dream as a tenant, this concludes by the fact that he does not want to take over the responsibility for his living space at a certain level. If the dreaming himself has a tenant, this symbolises that he is ready to grant another person to admission to his living space. This can point to the readiness to a respect. Psychologically: Because a tenant is a person with whom one has entered a business respect, the dreaming can recognise how he use such shops. If the dreaming is a man and the tenant a woman, she represents his Anima. The other way round the tenant embodies her Animus. Spiritually: At the spiritual level tenants can stand in the dream for the single personalities of the dreaming which must be summarised to a comprehensive unity. Popular: (arab).: you must economise. (European ones).: the renter his tenant sees : points to annoyance and tensions, is a renter even tenant: if these losses forecast by shops, a tenant Geld pays : one will succeed at his enterprises. (See also lodger) Rent Popular: (arab).: pay: Secure present.