Psychologically: Something cutting into which takes away the air. This is translated in man's dreams the corsage of a pretty woman which cuts off the air, - to the dreamer: He will violently fall in love in the awake life. In women's dreams this vision can symbolise the breathlessness with which the dreaming or another person rushes in (Dear) adventure. Popular: (arab).: see or depart: if the quick solution of tiresomely become chains forecasts, pull: one limits you in your freedom, carry: your vanity will make you ridiculous, of a pretty girl carried: Care in dealing with the other gender. There could be disappointments. (European ones).: see: means that one will be punished for his curiosity, - one will be released from tiresomely become 'chains', carry: points to a vain strain, put away: meant freeing from a suffering, carries a pretty girl a corsage: announces disappointments with a female being. (See also corset)