Association: - Separate aggression, - - fury. Question: - What would like I to cut out? In general: An instrument to the reaping symbolises division and splitting in the dream. If the dreaming uses a knife, he does this for his freeing or to separate from a respect. If he is attacked with a knife, this stands for the people who behave towards the dreaming aggressively. In the dream of a woman the knife symbolises her fear of power and penetration, - in the dream of a man, however, it emphasises his aggression. Knife expresses immature sexuality and warns against letting break through them unrestrained. Also quarrel, risks, failures or separations can be thereby announced. Psychologically: Tools for cutting and dividing, - translate: of the Analysierens and Differenzierens. One can cut somebody, do not follow that is him any more, - one divides the responsibility, has consequently the need not to make only everything, - one cuts something to learn from it, - one confides in another to persuade him of himself. After Freud the knife has like everything with which one can cut or prick himself, phallisch-sexuelle meaning. Who only sees such edge tools in the dream, wants to rush unrestrained in the instinctual life, - who sharpens it, will come to temptation to cheat the partner. However, this meaning comes up to him only in the rarest cases. As a weapon it can express the inclinations to the aggression which are not aware to the dreaming mostly at all. If somebody is pursued in the dream with a knife, no homicide or rape motivation forms the basis of him. The subconsciousness would like to indicate to the dreaming a problem. Gets the dreaming in the next dream from his pursuer the knife from the hand to take, to position itself to his problem, the attacker can suddenly change into something unexpected and give the solution to the dreaming thus which wants to inform of the dream consciousness the dreaming, actually. The knife points out in the dream rather to the fact that the dreaming should pose to himself a problem consciously. The kind of the knife in the dream can matter. A cutlery knife, for example, must be differently interpreted than a penknife. The cutlery knife stands in connection with food or with absorptions of nutrients, while the penknife can be useful in all possible situations. Spiritually: The knife in the dream is a symbol of the division and separation. The essential sacrificial instrument, but also means of the execution like death, court and revenge. Popular: (arab).: see or have: in mi├čliche relations get, - points the separation of a person with whom one has stood in the good agreement see a very big one: Warning before the joyless incidents onto which one could be dragged which one has cobeen to blame, however, partly himself, know that it is very sharp: one will be put shortly before an important decision, rusts: your strong time is past, gives you and waits, find: Luck and profit, lift: Quarrel and annoyance, in the hand: you injure by hard words, race: you want to say your enemies the mind, cut with it: your works will have no great success, - also: you know what you want, advantages! injure themselves with it: Care before accidents, - quarrel at home, see with other household appliances together: it may be calculated on an invitation, on the covered table see lying: one can count on the loyalty of his friends, lose: Loss in the business, are in the scabbard: a quarrel bury. (pers).: an ambivalent symbol: A sharp knife prophesies a stable health, a rusty the coming, extremely disagreeable events in the family. With a broken knife one will fail in dear problems, with dull with little success must work hard. In general Li> serves