In general: Fair (service) can stand for frank devoutness or spiritual guidance for which one longs. Fair (with goods) promises favorable business connections. Psychologically: Symbolic situation for the religious and spiritual ritual actions from which the persons present want to cover spiritual strength and new knowledge. Also a shelter situation (and a state of emergency) in which one 'flees' to escape from an anxious everyday life for for a while. Popular: (arab).: hear reading: an ecclesiastical visit receive, listen: you expect and get a big help, celebrate: in important enterprises one will have luck if one does not forget on the welfare of his people, drink altar wine: one should watch out for immoderateness and Unbedachtheit. (European ones).: see a church one or are present: means that one should be directed in the life after the good works of his forefathers, - the everyday life runs smoothly and the advancement in the occupation is protected, - sometimes she also means a temptation, hear reading: Luck in enterprises. (ind).: are present: your advancement is without obstacle.