Popular: (arab).: see: can count on financial advantages, a full flour bag see: Wealth and luck, see in bags: Sociability in the circle of good friends can experience, have before eyes: are pressed down by domestic worries, shovel: you suffer losses, hit by a sieve: a work with big care explain, - every decision should be checked carefully, - one is sparing and acts well-consideredly, this will be only to the advantage, bury: you betray your plan, - (18, - 64) mix: you want to conceal an action, with water make dough: get food by his activity, burn: one gossips about you, flour food: healthy life, meal-worm: you have disloyal workers. (European ones).: hard work and a modest however happy life approaches, or flour bags: if big festivities register and promise the nicest tidbits, - enjoyable hours and glad parties, promise see a lot: one will achieve financially a considerable improvement, grind: one gives another consciously or unconsciously a pleasure, others see grinding: there will be a happy surprise, on the dress have: one will suffer from defamation of character or a defamation by others, the white: the food will be good, the black: if means well-being, shop or with it act: one gets involved in dangerous speculations, meal-worms: one will make savings, the young women who dream of flour will lead a harmonious marriage. Comfort sweeten to them the life. (ind).: see: Wealth stands in view, have a lot: Prosperity, see grinding: Luck and wealth, bury: you become high-spirited, play with plasticine: you are a good house father (good housemother), burn: you will receive visit. (See also bread, grain, grain)