Popular: (arab).: from straw: sad relations will disturb you longer time, twisted, in general: Signs for respectable bases, green ones see (pasture): a vacation trip start, - also: Wealth, satisfaction and good living conditions, cover: you will suffer no need, (European ones).: greens see: a hopeful sign for the improvement of the living conditions, a twisted one: one has created a respectable basis in the life and needs to give himself no troubles, on a straw mat lie: one will soon have to economise, because the budgetary budget decreases, keep away from mats: if means only grief and confusion, move: stands for good views and news of friends who are far away, tore old or: Annoyance comes up on, - protects you from waste, because it threatens you lack. (ind).: one wants to destroy your luck, - fateful events, greens: Luck, of straw or coconut palm: comfortable home.