Psychologically: Symbol for a space which permits a 'wide overview'. Traditionally: a poverty symbol. Before it became usual to develop attics to luxury flats and studios, domestics and impecunious, single people had modest garrets to the flat. The garret was often the cheapest possibility to have a roof over the head' - of course without heating, heat insulation and distant look generally '. Dreams of garrets have with old people often still this symbol of a 'poor dwelling' (and the fear of it) in themselves. So the sense of such dreams also depends on the age (and social sphere) of the person concerned. For young people the garret can be a symbol of the first independence (single flat) from home of which is dreamt in the most true sense of the word. Popular: (arab).: inhabit: your arrogance makes you ridiculous, - you high want to get out. (European ones).: a professional transportation will follow very fast.