Psychologically: Cockchafer embodies problems for the next time, - one catches him, however, comes everything, nevertheless, still at a good end. Popular: (arab).: see swarming: Losses suffer, - annoyance and difficulties in the occupation announce the visit, - also: forecast the mockery of friends in relation of an unhappily running dear affair, see one: Luck in the play, catch one: one prevents Widerwärtigkeiten and will soon close new friendship, many must / want to catch: disgusting chances have to overcome, (European ones).: see: if bring Widerwärtigkeiten which one can escape only with effort, - annoyance or difficulties announce, - announce an unpleasant partner, although one had expected a co-operative one, - losses in the business threaten, catch: a sullen or difficult matter is happily finished, - one will be able to close new friendship. (ind).: catch: you will acquire to you by your goodness loyal friends, see: the stinginess is no nice virtue, see flying: you will suffer losses.