Psychologically: Dreams of food symbolise the admission of psychic energy, a force increase. Meal can point really also to hunger (often with diets) or eating disturbances (anorexia, bulimia). Who takes a meal to himself in the dream, will go emotionally strengthened through the awake life. taking Becoming them with other people, this is a sign for the mental-spiritual communication with others, and the tip, one should provide more for the spiritual and mental correspondence with narrow friends. The very small, miserable or badly tasting meal often indicates bitterness or remorse. too plentiful meal warns about egoism and greed. letting the dreaming, however, others watch, while he eats, he should consider once whether he does not appear as too selfish towards his person. entertained he others, he easily finds contact because he is generous compared with his surroundings. people with strong faith see the meal often as a sort of Communion. Importantly for the dream interpretation are the dishes passed with the meal which point to the suitable mental functions or problems, and how many people take part in the meal. Also the form of the table can be informative. Popular: (arab).: see: happy-go-lucky satisfaction, hold: miserable relations in view have, hold a luxuriant one: one owns a certain lack of sympathy and is thoughtless towards other in his action, good ones wish: of his life do not become glad. (European ones).: either an emergency dream or substitute with aversion against food in the guard, - also: one will not be able to prevent how trifles affect important matters and business enterprises, prepare a good meal: if means poverty, prepare a paltry one: if means prosperity, take only a plentiful one: one comes along by a recklessness or a lack of sympathy unpopular, plentiful with others take together or with them share: one makes himself popular by obligingness, - narrow friendship, take a paltry one: one feels about some remorse, want to take one, but find to eat nothing: if a change brings in the life, - means wealth, want to take one, however, the table is empty: at the moment are absent an important life energy, or these are robbed of one of others, are present: future prosperity, hold: unconcerned life, good ready one: if means poverty. (ind).: hold: is no squanderer, see: you come to power and wealth. (See also 'bakers', 'oven', 'food', 'cooker', 'hunger', 'kitchen')