In general: Thin it is understood in general as a promise by luck and prosperity what can also refer to feelings. The symbol sometimes also shows that finally one should give up old hopes because they will hardly come true, - for it speaks above all if one sees emaciated people. Psychologically: Here it concerns spiritual or mental leanness which gets to believe the unconscious in us, so that we shut in the awake state more to our people and process well-intentioned apprenticeships than spiritual food to own use. If we feel dry like a line going by the dreamscape, although we are a welfare or even ├╝berproportioniert in the awake life, one can probably calculate on the fact that to us the success will remain some time refused in the life. Popular: (arab).: be: bad trend of affairs, worries, see themselves: to miserable times go towards, - come to a hopeless situation which one has to ascribe to himself. (European ones).: be: if a strong health promises, - one will achieve a desired aim, see themselves: one has made himself unpopular one by own fault, - bad times begin, excessively or unnaturally thin: one will fire out about an aim and have thereby losses or damages, gets thin women see: Luck and success in the love, gets thin men see: bad views of the fulfilment of old wishes. (ind).: become: Grief and worries chafe you. (See also rib)