In general: The proverbial 'maggot in the bacon' is a symbol for avarice and laziness - and the intention to let go well it (at the expenses of more different) so properly. Psychologically: Maggot symbolises mostly foreign thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns from the unconscious which one rejects as 'bad'. Maggots can show the impurity of the body or the feeling to be eaten up by something. Maybe the dreaming has the image, in his body stranger has nested a little bit to him, - - one must take care of her deliberate acceptance and change more. If in the dream maggots appear in the right connection, this can reflect the setting of the dreaming to the death. If acts a dream of an angler who uses maggots, this maybe refers to power and energy. Spiritually: At the spiritual level maggots symbolise the fears of the dreaming of death and in the dream Illness. Popular: (arab).: see: Widerwärtigkeiten and revolting things in the house experience, - frustration and damage, on a piece of meat see: Warning before the certain people who intend to take part in own personal success and to use him for himself, eat: Quarrel and quarrel in view have. (European ones).: look to use them to the fishing: announces big profit, see: a domestic dispute, - also: To do warning, more for his success, because, otherwise, one misses many possibilities, on meat see: Care, certain people want to take part schmarotzerisch in the personal success and plunder the knowledge and skill from shamelessly, in old cheese or old meat: if an acquaintance with a young lady announces. (ind).: see: domestic tiff. (See also worm) Madonna In general: The picture of the Madonna illustrates self-contemplation and maturation just as the need for consolation and security. The dreaming hopes for a freeing from his feelings of guilt and feeling of inferiority, however, does not dare to admit to itself this. He should position himself to the challenges of the life more self-confidently and try to master his difficulties independently. Psychologically: Apart from the traditional religious meaning it is in dreams of Madonna's figures (or also Madonna's altars and places of pilgrimage) about subjects like abnegation, raised willingness to make sacrifices - but also selfoverestimation. Often the Madonna's shape points in the dream (for the purposes of the 'stainless conception') of the Roman Catholic faith to a refusal of the sexuality. Supposedly women dream especially often of pictures of the Madonna which edge out her sexual sensations and put under taboo - or equate with 'sin'. With it the subconsciousness does not move her disturbed relation to own femininity though 'in the right light' - but, at least, in 'verklärendes' with which the fear of the 'mortal sin of lewdness' is compensated. Popular: (arab).: you has a high Gönner, - also: one may hope to be released from suffering and illness, - (23, - 88) weeping: you injure your best friends, with child: Luck and blessing in the house. (European ones).: you will find during the misfortune hold, - freeing from suffering or illness.