In general: Magnifying glass warns either against taking a matter too easily, or registers that one may not overrate little things. Psychologically: The dreamer who sees everything by a magnifying glass wants to seem in the awake life more than he is in reality, or he is a meanness shopkeeper. Popular: (arab).: One makes a lot of noise because of nothing, use: Something looks different if one exactly looks at it. Is directed darnach. (European ones).: see: a small cause will have a big effect, by such see a little bit enlarged: one inclines of too unnecessary or unjustified Aufbauschung of things or to see those, although they not at all exist, - also: one will not conclude a work satisfyingly, If a woman believes to own a magnifying glass, she will attract the attention of certain people to herself which they will ignore later, however. (ind).: you has a protracted illness, but you will be released from her. (See also microscope)