medicine wheel: Key words: Wildly, - territorial, - independently, - quietly, - patiently, - silky. Description: The lynx is rather small-grown in comparison to the remaining wildcats, however, towards the house cat a "giant". In the temperament he resembles his bigger brother, the puma. Lynxes pay attention very strongly to the fact that her territory borders are kept and are solitary. They prefer a life in secrecy. Lynxes eat all small animals which they can get hold. Their fur is from reddish-yellow colouring with black Einsprenkelungen, - also the short tail has a black stripe. During the day the lynx like most wildcats searches for himself a quiet little place for what he climbs not seldom trees. Lynxes are quiet and quick and one of the cat's kinds which can swim. General meaning: A part of you which is quiet surreptitious and able to wait patiently for this what you hunt, - a territorial thinking aspect of your being, - a part of you who protects himself, - the personal possessions or people from which you believe that they belong to your territory, - a measure of independence. Association: From a hiding place hervorluchsen. Transcendent meaning: Understand to your setting to independence and dependence, - something can say the guards who will wildly fight to keep out people of an area in which they have to search nothing - you about your male energy and how you produce between her and the female bigger harmony. In general: Lynx symbolises craftiness and cunning for which one must be on the alert. Popular: (arab).: see or meet him: come along on falseness, slyness and cunning calm, - you will fall victim to a cunning if you do not pay attention, (European ones).: means that one will discover the confidential hostility of an otherwise up to now likeable person soon with astonishment, - enemies will undermine the shops and donate informal strife, - is watchful! see: one will be outwitted, of A woman who dreams of a lynx threatens to stretch a rival the lovers. If she can kill the lynx, she will hit the competitor from the field. (ind).: one will slander you anonymously. (See also animals, red lynx)