Association: - Chance, - luck, - risk. Question: - Where in my life I would like to make with small application big profit? In general: If one has dreamt that one shopped Without lottery ticket or Without raffle or a lottery coupon filled, then has got in the awake life a little bit out of control - or the dream makes clear that the results of own action can be not always exactly foreseen. It can also be a desirable fulfilment with in the play. Lottery mostly announces losses and disappointments. Now and then people report that they saw, besides, figures which have really won, - this is not explicable, but an attempt does not damage. For lovers this dream is a very bad portent. Psychologically: A warning before a risky process whose final result is not to be seen. Or: One has unrealistic wishes. Popular: (arab).: play: a comfortable evening experience, - you are liked in society, - also: you will suffer losses, - one dedicates himself to dubious hopes, - (11, - 21) lotto: now you have a possibility luckily. (European ones).: application with the likelyhood of a miss or loss at a pointless enterprise, - also: unbecoming business partners hit, acquire a lot: bad omen for lovers, - an unhappy connection come with a person who is not worth the love, are present: is valid for disappointments or losses, determined figures, besides see: one should buy a lot which contains the seen figures, the right figures have tapped: one lies in a supposition properly, - this dismays and procures for one, other see winning in a lottery: this promises sociability by which many friends are brought together, lose in a lottery: one becomes a victim of underhand people who damage to the matters, she will experience Appearing of a young woman a lottery, by her negligence disappointments. She will have a husband who is not especially dependable. (See also profit, lot)