medicine wheel: Key words: Emetic, - doubly, - stimulative, - relaxing. Description: Lobelie is the plant type of the bellflower plants which includes worldwide more than 200 winter-hard or one-year-old kinds. In processed form she becomes as an emetic, as a stimulant or relaxation means taken. Of the plant own is a double nature: A tiny amount stimulates, a large amount calmly. Today a smaller kind of the Lobelie is multiple than to find ornamental plant with pretty blue blossoms in gardens. General meaning: Something in your life of what you want to get rid - the part of your surroundings understand which stimulates you at the same time and excites. Association: Praise, praise song. Transcendent meaning: A gift of the relaxation, from him let go from unnecessary images, situations or people result. Eulogy Popular: (arab.): hold or hear: Selfworshipping will make you ridiculous and contemptuous.