Artemidoros: Lenses indicate grief. (The lens was a food of the dead person's meals. After Plutarch (Crassus, cape. 19.6) looked at it the soldiers of the Triumvirn as a bad portent when they received first lenses and barley bread in a pressed situation during the parthischen campaign with the receipt of her ration because both is moved forward with the funereal meal.) In general: As well as in the everyday life an optical lens makes also easier in the dream the concentration of the attention. Possibly there is something, like a matter or person who perceive the dreaming very clearly or to which one must dedicate more attention. Lens (food) can announce quarrel and problems, - one cooks them, the difficulties are soon overcome. Nevertheless, the selections of lenses announce vain trouble, one has no chance. Psychologically: Who cooks them in the dream to which they bring to frustration (then for a lentil dish sold Esau his firstborn), - who eats them, wants to get rich. If in the dream an optical lens appears, it is important to make a distinction whether she increases the looked object or makes visible more sharply. The right interpretation is possible only in the light of the remaining circumstances. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the lens stands in the dream for visionaries clarity. Popular: (arab).: see: indicate at money, can also point to quarrel and quarrel, eat: Fear and worry, - quarrel and discord, - also: you have parted with frivolously something and thereby damage, cook: you will escape a misfortune, - one will been deceptive by a being close person, - also: you should accept the offer what one makes to you, select: laborious work, - also: not all people are your friends. (European ones).: announces quarrel, frustration, √úbervorteilung and division, - professional failure, eat: Overcoming all dangers, - one must finish a disagreeable thing, this dream discontent with her lover prophesies of A young woman, - however, on parental advice she submits to the inevitable, an optical lens: registers that one will direct all his concentration only upon a certain life process or person. (ind).: eat: if you find out no requited love, you should not mourn your feelings, sow: you can calculate on the fact that you soon receive good news, cook: the grief will give way from you, select: your trouble is in vain. (See also beans, glasses, 'legumes', 'opticians')