In general: A line in the dream often marks a border, or she symbolises a dimension system. She can also indicate a connection between two objects to show a connection which is obvious not immediately. A human row or human queue refers to an order established for a certain purpose. If the dreaming waits in a row, the reason because of him determines the people stand in a queue, the interpretation of the dream. Psychologically: The person needs borders or demarcation lines, - these can be expressed in the dream in a manner which is not necessarily understandable in the everyday life. If the dreaming jumps over, for example, a line, this refers to the fact that he has the courage to take risks. A row of objects can symbolise the chances which open before the dreaming. Spiritually: At the spiritual level lilies in the dream can have a great importance. A just line symbolises the time and the ability to decrease forwards or. If it concerns a just line, it shows the world on earth on the passive position, - it concerns a vertical line, then she symbolises the spiritual world and the cosmic axis. Popular: (arab).: keeps an eye on your aim, then you succeed. (See also ruler)