In general: Song expresses the often past feelings which one remembers mostly with pleasure. Also a good conscience or the warning with high spirits can stand behind it. Psychologically: Above all the song text is important here, - from him the dream can be interpreted. Songs in the dream make the Schläfer generally happily awake, however, probably only from musical people dreamt. Popular: (arab).: sing love song: your love will find no reply, sing the nice: indicates at cheerfulness and soul peace, - also: you have a good inspiration and success, hear: one wants to get you to the happy company, - also: it is informed of one something pleasant. (European ones).: old events are brought stimmungsgemäß in recollection, hear: meant if it is a happy one, pleasant, - if it is sad, admonition, not be in high spirits, - also: from a distance one expects a happy soul and happy companions, - promising news, sing themselves a happy one: one has a quiet conscience, - also: for a certain time expects to a lot of pleasure, however, difficulties will soon overpower to one, funny songs: one will ignore an opportunity to speed up the shops and to enjoy comfort, sing themselves a sad one: one dedicates himself to unnecessary brooding, - also: one is unpleasantly surprised about the course of the things, sing themselves an ugly one: one has a bad conscience, - also in a matter: predict horrific, extravagant waste, sing and in the surroundings everything runs very well: Jealousy will spoil the joy for one. (ind).: sing: physical sufferings, hear singing: Cheerfulness, luck. (See also choir, music, Sing of)