Popular: (arab).: many see burning: a sign of future rich in hope, happy times, see making: your diligence finds recognition, of white wax: you must protect the innocence. (European ones).: strange and uncanny ones see: one will experience everywhere disappointments and misses, luminous faces: point to unfinished things in the private like business area, of luminous skies and moon as well as unnatural stars and the red or golden sun: if bad sufferings, - death, - prophesy family tragedies and national uprisings, children in the enlightened sky see: one is pointed out to hold the feelings under control, because in the excitement about an ostensible negligence irreparable mistakes are made, luminous human figures or animals in the sky: if mean miss and grief, - these see fall to the earth and shooting men with guns at them: many obstacles will be removed by own application and the determination, luminous queues: Enemies surround one and will reach to bad means to defeat to one.