In general: A beacon which the dreaming lights in his dream or to which he pays attention illustrates the need to settle some aspects in his life. A beacon can also show passions which are not limited by severity and customs. Psychologically: If becomes clear in the dream that the dreaming pokes a beacon, the passionate side of his emotional needs Itself the permission to express itself freely. The dreaming leaves behind old people, overcome images and convictions to create something new. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the beacon in the dream symbolises the reflexion of the solar strength, the encouragement of the good powers and solar celebrations. Popular: (European ones).: avoids misunderstandings, - nevertheless, a quarrel is inevitable, then take the first step to the reconciliation or one will regret it, a sailor one sees : if this one successful trip announces with quiet sea, at somebody who suffers from something: stands for a new, warmhearted respect, for a sick person: quick recovery, good health and success in the occupation, see going out in the storm: the destiny will turn against one, although one has at the moment the best views. (See also fire, lighthouse)