Psychologically: Symbol of the (spiritual) illumination and heightening of awareness. Spiritually: The candlestick symbolises the spiritual light, the life and welfare. Artemidoros: The candlestick means the wife, the lamp the landlord and the life breath of the dreaming, either because they supervise the processes in the house, or because she easily goes out, - further, because of the flaming up, dear passion. Popular: (arab).: with burning candle: delighted news, - a glad party is celebrated, - (1, - 53, - 58) without light: Worries, without candles: Preparation to the wedding, - presents, carry: you have good friends, - also: one wants to lead you behind the light, is careful, (European ones).: without light: domestic worries, with burning candle: Improvement of the relations. (See also lamp)