In general: If a dream of leprosy acts, this refers to the fact that to the dreaming a part of itself is aware which he holds for impure. Maybe he suffers from the impression from being rejected by the society apparently for no reason. Psychologically: If the dreaming maintains a leper in his dream, this is a tip to the fact that he must deal with those shares of itself which he feels as impure. He may not try to split off them. If the leper offers to the dreaming something, it is for this in the time to learn something about humility. Spiritually: At the spiritual level a leper in the dream can point out to the fact that the dreaming must finish a moral dilemma. Popular: (arab).: Dreaming one, he would be struck by the leprosy, he will get an honourable office, become thereby rich, but do a lot of harm, - the emperor this face looks, he will be hated by his subjects, his decrees will bump with the people into refusal, and he will not live long, - a woman will dedicate herself to big man and come by him to prosperity. one watches out for an infection. (European ones).: It lies in own power to overcome the worries. A Hineinwirken of other people would make everything still complicated. (ind).: The leprosy means, in any case, wealth which is connected, admittedly, with defamation of character. Dreaming somebody, he would be struck by the leprosy, he will become rich according to their magnitude, but be covered with disgrace and be hidden from the people. Seeming it one, the illness has struck merely the body without face, he will come to property without being abhorred by the people. Lark (bird) medicine wheel: Key words: Musically, - spring, - song. Description: The lark, a small insignificant songbird is in particular for his very much clarify and slightly recognizable song famously. Larks are spread in many different kinds about the whole world, - best known is in the United States as well as in Central Europe the field lark. General meaning: Spring tiredness, - a time to play, - music which pleases you, - to sing increasing ability, or to play music: Association: Lark - larch, the tree, - morning song. Transcendent meaning: Gift of a song. In general: She also swings herself in some dreams happily tirilierend into the winds what in the awake life probably quick coming up promises or points to instantaneous high spirits. Psychologically: The songbird is a symbol for cheerfulness and 'good overview' about charges which one has left behind. One can look at this matter outdistances and laxly 'from above'. Popular: (arab).: see: Luck in the love, see rising in the winds: one may hope that something can be lighter done in future than up to now, see flying: you have to count on a profit, hear singing: you will quickly climb to dignity and honour, - big joy and cheering, - good sign for professional and personal matters, find lark's nest: A dear luck expects you. (pers).: Being the lark healthy, there approaches a pleasing erotic meeting, an ill or dead lark warns the dreamer about selfoverestimation. In any case, during the next days he should be watchful - on the one hand because, otherwise, the so promising meeting could pass, on the other hand, in order to avoid mistake. (European ones).: see: if a relationship tells in and promises a glad and happy future, health as well as success, - one will quickly climb, - a marriage will soon take place, hear singing: good views for the future, observe with the food: is valid as an omen for a rich harvest, fly happily round one: Fortuna is lovely, see in the flight: Expression for the sublime, wide-put aims after whose acquisition one will file, nevertheless, the selfishness and make a mistake totally to the mercy, hear singing in the flight: in a new flat find a lot of luck and the shops will flourish, fall singing to the earth: in the middle of the confusion of the desires, the misfortune will overtake to one, injured or dead ones: tells of grief and death, catch in a trap: indicates at slightly gainable honour and love, - also: Miss from plans on account of own avarice, kill one: if grief means innocent intentionally add. (ind).: see: quick coming up, hear singing: Luck in the love, eat: you bring yourself in the misfortune. (See also 'birds')