Psychologically: This animal has in the positive one as well as negative sense the meaning of male driving force and aggression, stands as a picture for passion, vitality and feelings. If the leopard is dangerous in the dream, this picture wants to warn the dreaming about a possible misjudgement of his forces or person, before recklessness and arrogance. If he is ill, old or tamed and is sluggish, this is a symbol for the wish of the dreaming for self-control. Popular: (arab).: The leopard means a noble, mighty enemy and the emperor because the animal has made to himself the other congeners subject. Dreaming of the emperors or a prince, he struggles or fights with a leopard, he will lead with another noble ruler Krieg, and that which wins in the dream will also win in the reality. If a pauper or an easy man has this face, he will have to expect fright and torment from the imperial governor. in general: watch out for arrogance and recklessness towards your person, - also: the appearing losses which are avoided by more careful action would have are able, - also: you have strong and loyal protectors. (European ones).: dangers and disputes approach, - a business trip is likely abroad, - also: A warning! One consults in business things once again competently, before one decides. Otherwise, one could suffer losses. one jumps: erroneously sedate trust will endanger a success already moved in handy nearness, flee in the wild before one: it expects to a business or private disgrace which can be got rid, nevertheless, with some trouble, in the cage: though one has enemies, but these cannot become dangerous, kill one: one may hope for forthcoming victories, leopardskin: the plans will be endangered by a dishonest person who enjoys the esteem of one. (See also predator, animals)