In general: In dreams linen at a practical level can refer to the esteem of nice objects. Table linen from linen, for example, possibly points to a celebration at which the dreaming wants to use only the best. In addition, sheets from linen can symbolise sensuousness. Linen interprets old dream books as a tip that one can reach with circumspection and diligence a lot. A very big linen cloth should announce illnesses. Psychologically: In the today's time in which everything is finished so fast and so simply as possible linen can refer in the dream to a slow pace and a careful contact and on the fact that the dreaming has thanks to such a setting of his life more. Spiritually: At the spiritual level linen in the dream symbolises cleanness and righteousness. Popular: (arab).: see general: Portents for a continual partnership or marriage, the fine: Prosperity, the coarse: modest living, sheets: a case of illness approaches in the family, shop: a wedding is before door. (European ones).: stands for wealth and pleasure, or canvas own: means that in the next time glad events will enter, see somebody in it dressed: soon receive a happy message in the kind of an inheritance, in clean, fine linen be wrapped: Wealth and the most full pleasure are sure to one, in dirty linen be wrapped: on the occasion of bad luck and grief suffer, - business losses. (ind).: the fine: if you practice care, everything can become good, the coarse: though you apply a lot of diligence, but you want to succeed, nevertheless, nothing. (See also canvas)