In general: If the dreaming sees a hearse in his dream, he should possibly recognise that there is a temporal limitation for his life or for a plan with which the dreaming carries, or that finally one should bury feelings and expectations. Psychologically: Maybe the dreaming is encouraged by the dream in his knowledge that a part of itself is not alive any more and that it is maybe better to let go this part instead of reviving him. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the hearse in the dream always symbolises the death or the end of a thing. Popular: (arab).: meet one: quick loss will appear, see passing: can mean a high loss, but also the Abschiednehmen of dear-become habits and outdated images. (European ones).: portent of death news, - one will carry out shortly an important change, - one will not succeed in regulating satisfyingly the shops, precrossing see: one should say goodbye from a person, an old habit or a longest outdated setting, see crossing one own way: one will have to argue with a death enemy.