Psychologically: Body is mostly to be understood in terms of body, - also sexual needs can stand behind it. Popular: (arab).: (body) your own see: happy marriage, - good state of health, in the nude: Love affair, feel as a load (too thickly or morbidly): mental charges torment to one, see injured: you will happily escape a danger, wash: you have to make good a wrong, - also: you clean yourself of a suspicion. (European ones).: purely sexual dream, - mostly pretense of the wishes which were not fulfilled or not yet, have a big nice one: if means material and health well-being, growing or to extending ones have: if improvement of the situation, with young girls promises with men secret love story, - with young women pregnancy, - with old women: one will receive material allowances, decreasing or more shrivelling: if means sinking prosperity, impairment of the state of health or illness, more resolving: points to a heavy loss or to extremely danderous illness, in him injuries have or have received: one will have to do without something, like lead and in the movement hinders: big obstacles or a serious bad luck are to be expected in a thing, without earthly gravity, floating: if announce adverse situations or relations from which one cannot escape bare him: one will get in disgrace, if he is bared by others: Not to let ensnare warning, of another see bared: with erotic trend a dear longing will be fulfilled, - with missing eroticism one will make an astonishing discovery, of another bare: with erotic trend of signs for secret or forbidden love stories, - in the absence of such trend the disgrace of another will come to light or a wrong friend be exposed. (See also 'body')