Psychologically: Easy chair indicates comfort, harmony and peace, (often in the family). If one sits in it, however, this warns about comfort and to big complacency. If one sits in great-grandfather Lieblingssessel, one builds in the awake state probably on the support more different to have a comfortable life, - one wants to have his rest, however, does not note, that the coats road swimming because one himself performs not overmuch. Popular: (arab).: see or in it sit: a comfortable life which is not good for you, however - also approaches you: you do not come through alone any more and search help. (European ones).: quick execution of a thing and help by a friend, if the youth of full fights was: the age will bring luck and peace, sit in one: Stimulus to the work to gain success. (ind).: one will protect you against bad attacks of the people. (See also armchair)