Association: - Difficulty, - burden. Question: - Which load is I to be filed ready? Where in my life I want to make it to myself lighter? Psychologically: She translates round what one must lug thus everything in the everyday life with himself, the burden, a guilt, or a suspicion in which one often has to carry hard. With whom it is encumbered, responsibility must probably take over in the awake life, - who allows to drag them others, is maybe afraid to take over a responsible position. Who groans under a load, should make itself on an extremely difficult task calm which is set to him. Popular: (arab).: with it be loaded: quick execution of your matters, carry: you have a confidential grief, - also: professional and personal matters will find an advantageous execution, throw away: let encumber with nothing of wrong, - also: one will own the strength to escape from mi├člichen relations, load somebody with it: his shops by others order, (pers).: to dream, one carries a weight, wants to prepare for high responsibility. It is a matter of mustering all forces and all wills. If another carries the burden, great success approaches the dreaming. (Man +) (European ones).: see carrying: successful execution of a matter, be hard loaded: means that your business will come down, - difficult matters, carry a heavy burden: sure omen of a disaster, possibly get on account of excessive assurance and lack of careful planning, - in a difficult situation, do not break down under the load: one will come through, allow to carry: announced quick, gainful order, others see carrying: one will have to do difficult duties or works, of himself throw: you will escape from mi├člichen relations. (ind).: carry: one will suspect you, throw down: you will succeed in escaping from your need. (See also 'luggage', 'camel', 'caravan', 'block', 'suitcase')