Psychologically: The larva is in the nature only one transitional stage of certain animal species to her final form. Also it is seen in the dream as a symbol for the development and the change of the dreaming. Who dreams of animal larvae, stands in the awake life maybe at the beginning of a new development, - only seldom they circumscribe the helplessness in which one is presently shy. However, the larva sometimes also seems in terms of a mask in the dream and then is interpreted in terms of facade. Popular: (European ones).: see insect larva: at the moment an enterprise still is stuck, because it is in the development, - also: you hold a secret well close, other with a mask see: Warning before hypocrites, - one wants to deceive you, carry themselves one: one is not happy in his environment. (ind).: see somebody with it: Hypocrites will cheat you, carry: you will play theatre or dance. (See also facade, mask)